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Digital Health Interventions for Adolescents with Obesity (DHIAO)

DHAIO 1:  

Identify baseline data, definitions and programming for digital health interventions in the tri-county area

Evaluation Plan

  • # of data points collected
  • Define "Digital Health Interventions"
  • Identify programming currently being offered

DHAIO 2:  

Promote through education and awareness utilizing social media communication.

Evaluation Plan

  • # of promotional campaigns performed through the Tri-County Region

DHAIO 3:  

Collaborate with healthcare providers for enrollment.

Evaluation Plan

  • % of individuals completing digital health program report improved weight related measures
  • 10-15% improvement in BMI
  • % retention of registered individuals for one month of the program

DHAIO 4:  

Promote behavioral change through use of technology devices.

Evaluation Plan

  • Pre-Post changes in behavior

DHAIO 5:  

Personalize program with Text Messaging, Health coaching calls, or Tele Visits

Evaluation Plan

  • Pre/Post changes in biometrics

2023 Meeting Documents

2024 Meeting Documents

2025 Meeting Documents

Team Members

     Co Chair: Dylan Henricks

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