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HEAL Food System Partners

HEAL Food System Partners, started with Ending Hunger Together grant funding,  is an initiative that brings together existing food system programs to increase food access, advance community education, and create agricultural and community development opportunities.

Project Purpose

To develop a community-based model of integration leveraging the strengths of numerous existing food system programs whose primary mission is to improve the emergency food system by increasing healthy food access, advancing community education and creating agricultural and community development opportunities using existing services and programs.


1. Mobilize the existing community-based food system partners (emergency food system, food access, community education, urban agriculture, and economic development) interested in substantively collaborating to create a sound practice model and effective evidenced-based processes.

2. Develop infrastructure and processes that move numerous food system partners towards integration through coordinated communications and programming, blended roles, shared resources and goals.

3. Test and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of coordination and collaboration among partners when implementing food system programming.


1. Create Community Collaborative Integration Processes in order to mobilize stakeholders and design actions that are intended to improve alignment in projects.

2. Create (2) prototype/pilot collaborative projects that will be planned, executed and analyzed for impact areas in food access, education and economic development.

3. Report findings on CCIM processes, prototype/pilot project measurables as well as the connections between CCIM processes and the project results.


The Ending Hunger Together HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) partnership will mobilize stakeholders, pioneer concepts based on data and identified gaps in service, and then scale these concepts by developing plans for (2) prototype/ pilot projects. Team will execute these (2) projects with the mission of improving healthy food access, community education, and economic development. Further, the team will analyze the CCIM processes and identify areas of challenge and improvements in mobilizing multiple stakeholders in impacting root causes of food insecurity.

Project Manager

Amy Fox, Tazewell  County Health Department

Charter Committee

Gifts in the Moment
Peoria City County Health Department
Common Place

Main Stakeholders

  • City of Peoria
  • Common Place
  • Community Foundation of Central Illinois
  • Gifts in the Moment
  • GROW Peoria
  • University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria (UICOMP)
  • University of Illinois  Extension Peoria/Tazewell/Woodford
  • OSF
  • Hopedale Hospital
  • Intangible Mindz Agricultural Development
  • Midwest Food Bank
  • Pekin Outreach
  • Peoria Citizens Committee for Economic Opportunity, Inc (PCCEO)
  • Peoria City/County Health Department
  • Peoria Grown
  • Regional Fresh Food Council
  • Tazewell County Health Department
  • Tazewell County Resource Center (TCRC)
  • Woodford County Health Department
  • YMCA



October 2021

This program was made possible thanks to a grant from

Community Foundation of Central Illinois and our community partner agencies.

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